1. What is STH trying to accomplish?
    • Provide a platform to enable drivers, friends, family, fans, and sponsors to connect. The idea is to help promote short track racing and the drivers by giving them a platform to gain visibility and interact with fans who want to purchase T-shirts, hats, and driver swag. This platform will not take a percentage of merchandise sales; the goal is to help drivers sell products that the fans want and use the revenue to help them keep their race programs racing on the local short tracks.
  2. Why is STH providing this platform?
    • Race fans desperately want to purchase driver swag but most drivers don’t have the time or the resources to set up a merchandise sales platform and if they do, they still need to figure out how to have fans find them. This platform enables fans to go to one site and find their local “Short Track Hero” along with other short track drivers across the country. By doing this, teams can hopefully earn some income that will help their race programs throughout the year.
  3. How do the driver’s benefit from this?
    • Drivers do not have to pay a percentage of their sales to participate and have a driver store within Short Track Heroes. All funds created from sales on Short Track Heroes will go directly to the driver without paying a percentage or commission to Short Track Heroes.
  4. What does it cost to participate in this program?
    • At this time there is no cost to be involved with Short Track Heroes where teams have a platform to sell T-Shirts, Hats, and a variety of products with the driver’s custom logo or artwork. Short Track Heroes will provide fulfillment of all custom products such as cell phone cases, chargers, keyboards, and other products
  5. Can driver’s still have products to sell at the track?
    • Yes, we will encourage all drivers to have a small amount of products in their trailer for sale at the track and so they can show fans the physical products that are available in the Short Track Heroes online store. Drivers will only need to purchase a small 6 piece MOQ at their wholesale price that enables them to sell direct to fans at the track for cash or other electronic payment methods
  6. Can driver’s still sell products on their own website or social platform?
    • Yes, products can be sold through Short Track Heroes and many other social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other websites. All of these platforms can be directed to the Short Track Heroes store where purchases can be made via credit card or a variety of electronic payment programs
  7. What does STH get out of the deal?
    • The team at Short Track Heroes wants short track racing to not only survive, we want it to thrive. In order for this to happen, we must work together. Lots of people "claim" to want to help the racers but most still want a percentage of what they sell. We believe the money earned by merchandise sales MUST go back to the racers in order to help fund their programs. Short Track Heroes wants to see short track racing all across America begin to grow again. This will not just happen, we have to make it happen. In simple terms our goal is for short track racing to grow to a point where we stop having Saturday nights where we may only have 8-10 cars racing, for this reason, Short Track Heroes does not take a percentage of driver sale.
  8. What if I don’t have artwork, is there a design cost?
    • Basic designs or duplicating what a team currently uses will have no additional art or design cost. Specific designs or something designed from scratch may or may not have some cost but our goal is to keep this cost minimal or zero as often as possible.
  9. How do drivers get paid for their product sales?
    • Fans will purchase an item at the Short Track Heroes online platform. The purchase will be fulfilled and shipped to the customer. Funds for all sales will be issued to drives monthly with a report of how many of each items were sold and details of said sales including any promotional offers or discounts that may have been applied.